The Goose Step – Top 10 Players Player – Women’s Premiership

Welcome to the Goose Step!

We are back for 2022 and what a season we are revving up for!
To start the year, I thought it would be a good idea to check out the Top 10 players in the men’s and women’s game in WA… according to the players. These lists are voted off the back of the Player’s Player awards and voting every year, so be kind, as its completely on those who voted. Let’s start with the top voted female players from our 2021 All Flags Signs & Banners Women’s Premiership.

10. Cheyenne Campbell – Willagee Bears – Centre
Nickname – “Mrs Perpetual Motion”
The hardest runner in the game, Cheyenne is impossible to stop. Like perpetual motion, she just keeps the legs pumping and runs full speed over the top of defensive lines. An amazing ball runner, she is also an absolute shot merchant in defense. With a low centre of gravity she can blindside opponents into next week, and is one of the premier power players in the men’s and women’s game and continues to be a nightmare assignment for any defender.


9. June Marshall – Kalamunda Bulldogs – Hooker/Halves
Nickname – “Doctor Marshall”
June is one of the smartest players in the competition. Not the fastest or most talented playmakers out there, she makes up for it with cunning and intelligence on the football field. A key cog in the Bulldogs machine in 2021, she led the team with aplomb and basically was their ace in the hole for the majority of the season. Although injury has hurt her in the past, her form and fitness was at its best level in years in 2021. With an astute kicking and passing game, her understanding of rugby league is her key asset as she dissects teams in front of her.



8. Cherysh Leaf – South Perth Lions – Forwards
Nickname – “The Smiling Assassin”
Cherysh is an ex-centre who still doesn’t know that forwards aren’t allowed to score multiple tries. Always and forever smiling, she constantly leaves defenders sprawled out in front of her as she scores yet another try. With incredible balance and low centre of gravity, she makes fun of goal line defence as she constantly touches the ball down over that white line. A great defender as well, she is still very young and has plenty of time to learn other nuances of the game, if her fitness goes up she will move into the elite category in NRL WA.



7. Crystal Walters – Joondalup Giants – Hooker
Nickname – “2 Fast 2 Furious”
Possessing an amazing burst of speed over a short distance, Crystal has quickly become teams worst nightmare when she is at dummy half. Smart, fast and not afraid to throw herself into the fray, the Giants attack was hurt when she was ruled out to finish the year in 2021. A apt defender as well, she regularly leads the defensive line and is always looking for ways to impose her will on the game. With Damien Cook like darts, her passing game and ability to be in the right position to support, make her one of the most dangerous players in the game.


6. Paihau Pomare – Ellenbrook Rabbitohs – Hooker
Nickname – “Generation Next”
With a sister who is an icon, its tough sometimes to be in the shadow. But not Paihau. Stepping up in 2021, she took on more of a leadership role at the Rabbitohs and stepped out of the darkness and into the spotlight. Incredibly fast and with an amazing work ethic, Paihau and Crystal are in a wave of rugby league hookers who hurt teams with amazing pace out of the dummy half position. Possessing an apt kicking game, and beautiful game sense, she really is the next generation of superstars coming through.



5. Kailey Thompson – Ellenbrook Rabbitohs – Halfback
Nickname – “The Main Event”
Thompson has been the spearhead of the Rabbitohs 4 Premierships in a row. Possessing one of the most complete games in the male or female side of the game, she can literally do it all, and regularly produces on the big stage. Whether its for the WA state side, or for her beloved Ellenbrook Rabbitohs, Kailey knows when to pull the trigger and turn the game on its head. An incredibly smart footballer and rugged competitor, she gets under opposition players and referees alike. The big question is will her game translate to the east coast and give her a shot at glory on the big stages.

4. Anneka Stephens – Joondalup Giants – Lock/Halves
Nickname – “Mrs Incredible”
They made a kids movie with her in it, called The Incredibles. She’s a mother, worker, partner and still one of the greatest players to come out of WA. The first woman from the west to play in the NRL W with the Dragons in their inaugural season, “Neeks” came back from there, had another baby, and then weeks later was adding to the Joondalup Giants on the field. An actual superhero, she is incredible humble, well spoken and a brilliant ambassador for all females. A one on one steal merchant, with amazing tackle technique and the ability to change a game on her own, she is widely regarded as the yardstick others are measured against, with understated speed and strength still able to cause issues to her opponents.


3. Emysen Robinson – North Beach Sea Eagles – Utility
Nickname – “The Swiss Army Knife”
Robinson is at the head of a big wave of young female players impressing on the NRL WA stage. Fast. Strong. Ball Skills. Can Kick. Intelligent. She literally has all the tools and with a bit more experience could dominate the competition for the next decade. Where is her best position? Doesn’t really matter. Put her on the field and let her attack the game and she will do the rest. With the ability to beat defenders with speed, footwork, strength or deception,  Robinson is the ultimate utility in the NRL WA competition. The question now isn’t is she going to be good, but rather how good can she be?



2. Melissa Thomas – South Perth Lions – Backrow
Nickname – “The Six Million Dollar Woman”
There was a show in the 70s, and the premise was a man had an accident and his body parts were replaced to give him super human strength and speed. Well a season or two ago, you wondered whether the injuries were finally going to catch up to Mel. And you would have been dead wrong. An incredible season in 2021 saw Mel play some of the greatest football of her career. She looked faster and stronger than she had in years, and wiped the floor with many of her younger opponents. Incredibly vocal and possessing the engine of a Ferrari at Le Mans, she took more hit ups than anyone in the competition and regularly led the Lions tackle count week on week. A whisker off players player, 2021 was an amazing season for the evergreen NRL WA legend.


1. Valuese Tiakia  – Joondalup Giants – Lock
Nickname – “Mrs Nobody”
Based on the saying that Nobody is perfect, she was literally the best player in the game in 2021. Voted as the Best & Fairest, and also winning the Women’s Players Player, she was the top of the mountain in the 2021 NRL WA season. While not as vocal as some of her contemporaries, her get behind and follow me style of football was epic. Incredibly hard to stop, she is all effort. Constantly showing up to run the ball or make a tackle, it seemed liked there were more than one of her in games. Incredibly well respected and humble, she goes about her business without any fuss, and while a pure forward, she has more than enough skill and ability to play in the halves as well. Kicking, passing and reading the play, she gets no where near enough credit for her speed. A proud mother who keeps finding her way back to rugby league, she was an easy choice for the ladies to put her number one on this list.