The Goosestep – The Icons

Welcome back to the Goosestep!
Well we are switching it up this week, and looking at some WA icons. Players who when you think about that particular club, they are one of the players that come to mind. In light of Harry “The Iceman” Debique’s 150th game, we take a look at some of the stalwarts around the grounds. By the way Zac Spier….. your not getting paid a royalty for that.

I will be picking a player (must be currently playing) from 10 of our senior clubs. I haven’t selected one from Kwinana Titans or SJ Serpents because of how new they are, and some of the obvious ones I have left out (Sorry Delane Edwards and Daniel Green).

So here we are in no particular order….

Alkimos Tigers – Men’s – Jhai Kapea – Front Row/Second Row

Jhai is one of the real good guys of rugby league in WA. A proud father and husband, he is one of the long serving members up at the Tigers. He volunteers, coaches and has a hand in alot of the things that the Tigers do. And the guy can still play. A ball playing forward, don’t let his size fool you. Between the ears Jhai has all the tools to dismantle a defensive line. While the body isn’t always willing these days, he is also a tough uncompromising defender that you do not want to run directly at.

Joondalup Giants – Men’s – Gus Marshall – Halves

A one and only Joondalup Giant, Gus is one of those guys who doesn’t get a lot of credit and goes about his business in a tradesmen like fashion. Working for the NRL, his life is all about rugby league, and even outside his job hours, he helps out at the Joondalup club. But on the weekends, this trusty ball player can be seen debating with the referee at most breakdowns of play. One of the best kicking games in WA, he hit a dream strike in the 2020 Grand Final that he will take with him forever.

Ellenbrook Rabbitohs – Women’s – Juraea Turner – Halves/Lock

The often maligned Turner has been a mainstay of the Ellenbrook Rabbitohs basically her whole career. A raw talent at a young age, she represented the Prime Minsters XI against PNG a few years back, and continues to be a backbone for the Women’s team at the “Mansion”. A powerful runner and defender, she can hit in and whack with the best of them while being able to hit the ball up as well as any forward in the competition. A proud Rabbitoh, she is also coaching and volunteers where she can as well.

North Beach Sea Eagles – Men’s – James Blake – Front Row

I remember coming to watch the Sea Eagles playing once, and this big hulking front rower showed up late, threw his head gear on, and ran over to the bench for third grade. He played some nice stints, was a hell of a ball carrier and possessed a nice late offload. He runs off when he finishes, and low and behold, runs back out with reserve grade. Proceeds to dominate that fixture with some great runs. And what happens next? He promptly runs off, changes jerseys, and sits on the bench for Premiership. A mammoth effort. And how old is the elusive big man? Only he knows…

South Perth Lions – Men’s – Blair Young – Prop

Another guy who is often overlooked for his work, Blair is a “team-first” guy who never shirks his work. Whether is running the ball into the teeth of the defence or standing his ground against some of the hulking front rowers in our competition, Blair always does what needs to be done. Possessing a big engine and good footwork, in the last few years an offload has developed along with some line ball playing which only increase his value to the Lions organisation.

Kalamunda Bulldogs – Men’s – Robert Sharp – Forwards

Bald head shining in the afternoon light. English accent throwing out words. About 10 high tackles a game. Who else could it be? “Sharpy” has been a mainstay of the Bulldogs Men’s teams in all grades for over a decade now. And he is well known around the grounds, with players (and referees). A tough customer from another era, he is an old school passionate forward who puts everything into every run, tackle and rev up that he possibly can. A true icon of our game.

Willagee Bears – Women’s – Danielle Parker – Forwards

The Bears President, Danielle still ply’s her trade on the field with aplomb and enjoys getting amongst it. A rugged forward in her day, she can still run it back, and has actually developed a bit of ball playing in her later years as she tries to usher in the next group of young ladies at the Bear Cave. Always putting her hand up to play, whether its tag or tackle, she always puts in and never lets injury or sickness stand in her way. A real toiler for the bears.

Fremantle Roosters – Women’s – Michelle Traynor – Halves/Hooker

Michelle is coming up close to 200 games for the proud Fremantle Roosters, and it is hard to argue with her selection. A proud mum, she just keeps on coming back for more. She had a small stint in the tackle version of the game, but has enjoyed massive success with the League Tag format of the game, with multiple premierships adorning her name. A coach player over the years, she is a ball player who sees the game at an elite level, and while she doesn’t possess the devastating quickness she once had, she can still terrorize a defensive line with skill and flair.

Rockingham Sharks – Men’s – Peter Worth “Jnr” – Second Row

A hall of fame player at the Sharks, “Pumps” keeps on finding himself back on the field every year. Having had some devastating injuries in his time, he keeps on getting back and putting himself through more punishment time after time. A multiple state representative, he is a fit hard working second rower who can go toe to toe with the best of them, even at his age. He will tell you he is 35 but has been that old for about 10 years now and has retired more times than most. But he can still really play and between the ears has lost none of his skills.

Mandurah Storm – Men’s – Jason Sweeney – Utility

There are some real toilers for the Storm over the years. Dan Skerrit. The Lund boys. But one of the real characters is the colourful Jason Sweeney. A Storm guy through and through, he always seems to find his way back to Ocean Road Reserve. I couldn’t actually tell you what position he plays, but that he just wants to get our there and put in. Not the most skilful or talented player, he is always looking to learn. He came to the game quite late in life, but enjoys everything about it and can always been seen with a smile on his face.

Well there we have it folks! I know we have had some notable admissions but we couldn’t fit everyone on here!
Let us know your thoughts on who are real icons in the NRL WA.