Tough Tournament Shows As Ladies Go Down In Final Game

Photos Courtesy of NRL Photos

Its day 4. The ladies from the West have turned up against NSW Country, QLD Sapphires and NSW City and the bodies are a bit battered and bruised. But there is one more game, and its pride on the line.

Next up is Northern Territory. They have swept aside the ADF, SA and VIC on their way to getting a shot at one of the Pool A teams. A team bursting with Harvey Norman Premiership Women’s Players, they will be coming in hard.

The game kicks off and its a bit of varying styles. The WA side is full or running and ball movement. Showing finesse and speed, the are surgical and try and pick apart the Northern Territory side. Like a scalpel, its coordinated cuts at a big defensive line.

The Northern Territory ladies are a hammer. They are big, confrontational and look to run over the top of the the WA ladies at every opportunity. In attack and defence, they use their power and strength to go right over the top of the ladies from the West.

The first half is a torrid affair. The ladies from the NT are unflinching in their quest to go undefeated and they use their physical size advantage to good effect to put themselves in scoring positions. And they score first with a nice offload allowing their winger to step back inside and dive in the corner.

And despite WA putting some pressure on themselves, with some tough carriers from Hera-Barb Malcolm Heke they are unable to crack the NT line and the score remains 4-0 at the break, with some much energy needed from the West to get this game back in hand.

The second half starts and the WA ladies turn up the heat. The play the balls quicken and the ladies from WA start to get the ascendency, and finally are rewarded after some great lead up play, to send winger Ariana Ruru-Hinaki in to score to tie things up.

But that’s not where it ends, as WA Captain Anneka Stephens hits a nice committed line and puts the WA side up 8-4 ,but with no conversions going over its still anyone’s game, with 10 minutes left on the clock.

But the next set of six, the WA side makes a crucial error, putting NT right back on the attack deep in their territory, and NT doesn’t miss. They score to tie it up and its now 8-8 and with everything to play for with 7 minutes left.

And off the kick-off a penalty to NT puts them right back in the attacking position. WA need to hold on here. But after some very tough carriers from the NT forwards, they are not to be denied. And are able to score and put themselves back in front 12-8 with only limited time remaining.

And unfortunately the WA ladies cannot score in the final moments with NT running out the victors 12-8.

But never the less we are proud of our ladies from Western Australia, who have shown that they can go with the best of the best at the Women’s Nationals. Well done ladies and safe travels back home.