U15′s State team announced

WA Rugby League is pleased to announce the team for the Under 15’s State side:

  1. Falcon PENI
  2. Jeremy THWAITES
  3. Kyden MARTIN
  5. Hanad ALI
  6. Troy WHITE
  7. Harry LEDDY
  8. Marcuz CONNETT
  9. Jaxon EWE-EDMONDS
  10. Kiam FLETCHER
  11. Zac SHEPPARD
  12. Jordan SBRANA
  13. Jake DOUBIKIN
  14. Tioantin RAOREN
  15. Ethan WILLIAMS
  16. Daymn PODGER
  17. Jared SPENCER
  18. Savaan TAHERE
  19. Jayden SELWOOD
  20. Akua ROBERTS


  1. Jason NICHOLLS
  2. Jayden HOCKING
  3. Bryce HENDRICKS
  4. Kukutai JONES
  5. Tonga EPENISA

Players will be advised of training times and venues in writing early next week.

If for any reason players are not able to accept their place in the State squad for 2012, please notify the WARL office via email admin@nrlwa.com.au by Thursday 10th May 2012.

Congratulations to all players selected.