Under 15 State squad named

The 2019 U15 State squad
Credit: Energy Images

NRL WA and Sport School WA are excited to announce the 2019 Under 15 State squad that will compete at the Australian Secondary Schools U15 Championships in June.

After playing out a thrilling final at last week’s Junior State Championships, the Northern Fusion and Southern Pride are the most represented team with 11 selected players, while players from the North West Reds, South West Dolphins and Sport School WA round out the 30-man squad.

Congratulations to the following boys:

Malakai Chase (Northern Fusion)

Tyler Ward (Northern Fusion)

Seth Reweti (Northern Fusion)

Ryan McGloin (Northern Fusion)

Zac Tetai Boyce (Northern Fusion)

Reuben Baker (Northern Fusion)

Ryan Woolley (Northern Fusion)

Neshaun Treffery-Koenders (Northern Fusion)

Bailey Millar (Northern Fusion)

Abul Fazal-Mohmoodi (Northern Fusion)

Charlie Mangi-Kino (Northern Fusion)

Kaleb Jones (Southern Pride)

Rutene Davis (Southern Pride)

Larenz Koro (Southern Pride)

Seth Ngaruhe-Lavulo (Southern Pride)

Ben Wells-Talamaivao (Southern Pride)

Zachariah Siulepa (Southern Pride)

Quinton Dalton (Southern Pride)

Trent Therkelsen (Southern Pride)

Mathias Tomuli-Ah Kuoi (Southern Pride)

Nroamn Berryman (Southern Pride)

Ashley Collard (Southern Pride)

Branden Kahui (North West Reds)

Travis Reti (North West Reds)

Casseus-Lemarz Hulbert (North West Reds)

Jack Rolle (North West Reds)

Kauri Tipene-Grace (Sports School WA Invitational)

Rizal Robo (Sports School WA Invitational)

Juayne Pomare (Sports School WA Invitational)

Eugene Koro (South West Dolphins)