WA Smarter Than Smoking Premiership Finals – Week 1 Team Lists

Cash Converters Big Game of the Round: South Perth Lions v Ellenbrook Rabbitohs

 Big Game Day Sponsor: Cash Converters

Elimination Final

South Perth Lions v Ellenbrook Rabbitohs, Saturday 31st August, 3.30pm, George Burnett Park.

South Perth Lions: 1. Kade McDonald, 2. Connor Hudson, 3. Will Smith, 4. Benjamin Grace, 5. Billy Judge, 6. Isaac Thomas, 7. Harry Debique, 8. Daniel Green, 9. Zac Wood, 10. Tim Noble, 11. Ethan Gourgard, 12. Brandon Wright, 13. Jarrad Smith, 14. Wessel Van Tonder, 15. Taine Kingi, 16. Caleb Norton, 17. Cody Laughton

Ins: Connor Hudson, Cody Laughton

Outs: Kiam Fletcher, Dylan Estreich

Connor Hudson returns to the South Perth team for this weekend’s Elimination Final
Credit: Carmel Potter-Green

Ellenbrook Rabbitohs: 1. Chazz Palmer, 2. Wananga Kingi, 3. Jona Chase, 4. Kade Pearce, 5. Carlos Waretini, 6. Jaylen Grey, 7. Jarek Goebel, 8. Fernando Ekeroma, 9. Bryce Wilson, 10. Manasseh Gudgeon, 11. Malakai Chan-Boon, 12. Chase Watson, 13. River Colman, 14. Taamilo Aisake-Peseta, 15. Koen White, 16. Philip Tunupopo, 17. Christopher Finau

Coach – Jarek Goebel

Ins: Carlos Waretini, Chase Watson, Taamilo Aisake-Peseta, Philip Tunupopo

Outs: Jesse Rihari, Payden Porter, Shaan Evans

Finals veterans South Perth host competition new boys Ellenbrook in a mouth-watering Cash Converters Elimination Final at George Burnett Park on Saturday.

Nothing but a win will be good enough to keep either sides’ season alive, with both expected to throw everything they’ve got at each other to come out on top.

Winger Connor Hudson returns for the Lions, while Jesse Rihari, Payden Porter and Shaan Evans are unavailable for a Rabbitohs side keen to repeat Round 13’s after-the-siren win against their weekend opponents.

Major Semi-Final

North Beach Sea Eagles v Fremantle Roosters, Saturday 31st August, 3.30pm, Blueforce Park.

North Beach Sea Eagles: 1. Kahan Joyce-Vaughan, 2. Brad Sharpham, 3. Jayden De Vorms, 4. Kani Solomon, 5. Dustin Hume, 6. Cairo Takarangi, 7. Jeremy Wallace, 8. Ben Dickson, 9. Trent Trotter, 10. Wiremu Paki, 11. Josh Benjamin, 12. Tayla McGregor, 13. Adam Roy, 14. Bow Stein, 15. Dave McCullough, 16. Terelli Whaanga, 17. Kristian Williams

Coach – John Hough

Ins: Trent Trotter, Brad Sharpham, Dave McCullough

Outs: Juan Ryan, Justin Buckley, Eoghan Lofts, Sam Buckley

North Beach winger Brad Sharpham has overcome injury to be fit for this weekend’s Major Semi-Final
Credit: Shelley Williams

Fremantle Roosters: 1. Delane Edwards, 2. Alan Cowan, 4. Manihera Eden, 5. Cameron Rupapera, 6. Duane Butler, 7. Mitchell Wade-Whalan, 8. Takaroha Peneha, 9. Blake Hignett, 11. Ezra Taomia, 12. Tane Peakman, 13. Bjorn Crotty, 14. Jamie Le, 15. Ricky Cathro, 16. Jamison Riggs, 17. Sonny Kerr, 18. Callin Tereu, 19. Tarin Katu, 20. Aaron Hodges

Manager – Zac Speir

With a spot in this year’s WA Smarter Than Smoking Grand Final on the line, it seems only fitting that this season’s two standout teams, North Beach and Fremantle are involved.

The sides met at this stage last year, with Fremantle recording a 28-18 win to advance to the GF and earn the week off.

Sea Eagles captain Trent Trotter and winger Brad Sharpham return for the contest, while the Roosters will be without prop forward Brad Gibson.