WA Win Admirers As They Push Tournament Heavyweights

Its day 3 for our girls, and after surviving yesterday in a frantic finish against the QLD Sapphires, there is an air of optimism. Getting that first W out of the way is always tough, but seeing off one of the powerhouse states has given the ladies an touch of confidence.

But next up, is the monster that is NSW City, and they have been unstoppable after two big wins against the Sapphires and NSW Emerging Country. Can the ladies from the west stand up?

This is a whole new ball game right from the start, as the ladies from NSW City take control early. They are a fast starting team, and as a big physical side they harass the WA team with huge linespeed, and while the ladies are tough, they concede an early try off a massive kick return from the City winger, and its 4-0 early to the NSW team.

But the ladies from the West do not give in. Time and time again they deny the NSW City side, who have the majority of possession and territory. WA looks to hold on going into halftime, but alas the City tea spread the ball on the final tackle of the half, to score again and make it 10-0 and make it seem like a long way back.

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With their backs against the well, the ladies from the West started the second half positively and actually started to make inroads into the City defensive line. Forcing the issue, they made City pay for their errors and on the back of some amazing kicks from captain Anneka Stephens, they found themselves in better positions in this second half.

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And with the game in the balance, and WA still putting the stops on the NSW City team it happened. After a good scamper down the right sideline from Taryn Wylie and the Kereopa Sisters (Zakiya and Journey) the WA team had the ball in a great position.

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Mariah Bell got the ball and ran through a couple of defenders and found herself with a quick play the ball. And like a thief in the night, Paihau Pomare scored again, in similar fashion to yesterday. With Arnika Cave kicking the goal, it was 10-6 and with 8 minutes on the clock everything to play for.

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With time running down on the clock, both teams threw everything at each other, and if there was an argument that the WA Ladies were on top with all the momentum. But the hooter sounded in the back ground and NSW City held on for a 10-6 win against a gallant Western Australian Women’s team.

We are very proud of our women’s side who have played tough rugby league against teams from NSW and QLD and wish them all the best going into their 4th and final game tomorrow!

Finishing 3rd in Pool A, lines WA with the winner of Pool C.
They will be on at 7am AWST time tomorrow, stayed tuned for their opponents on our socials later today