WARL Board and Chairman appointments

Changes building the future at WA Rugby League

The Western Australian Rugby League has made changes at Board level as part of the process to build strength into the local game and get ready for the future.

With an expected decision on expansion for the National Rugby League in the near future, the WA Rugby League has announced it will be ready both at local level and national level to grow the game for the fans and participants in the West.

Richard Campbell, who has been on the board for six years, has taken on the role as Chairman to guide the League through the structural changes needed as changes unfold. David Hobbs who has chaired the organisation for the past 18 months will take the role of Bid Director.

“Achieving an NRL franchise for WA is important to the game and for the pathways and aspirations of a strong and vibrant local competition. It is also important to the many fans we have in the west that Perth is seen as a player in a truly national game. Rugby League as a football code is very strong here and we want to make sure it endures at all levels,” stated the new Chairman.

“After the Reds folded in the nineties because of the Rugby League problems at a national level, the local competition suffered. We have worked hard to get it back to a strong position and currently enjoy the status as the most successful state outside of the heartlands of New South Wales and Queensland. As far as we are concerned that will never change!

“In the coming weeks we will unveil our 2020 Strategy for the game in Western Australia and also announce our bid to be considered in the expansion of the NRL. We will not do that at the expense of our local game.

“Our CEO John Sackson has built a positive culture for growth and will work to build the management of the game over the coming years to ensure success.”

In announcing the changes, WA Rugby League has restructured the Board team that will move the game forward in Western Australia.

Chairman: Richard Campbell
NRL / Bid Director: David Hobbs
Marketing Director: Terry Creasey
Finance Director: Sean Somerville
Football Director: Brad Hopes
Development Director: Paul Bransby
Corporate Director: Bruce Havilah
Community Director: Lynette McGivern

WARL12 – Board Structures for Future