WARL Referee Awards 2014

The Referees of the WA Rugby League capped off a terrific season with their Presentations on Sunday 21st September 2014.

The standard of refereeing in WA is continuing to grow and we look forward to another great season in 2015. It is by far the toughest job in Rugby League and we respect and value and thank each and every referees for their contribution towards our great game in WA.

Congratulations to the following Award winners:

Best First Year Junior – Mitchell Pontkos

Most Improved Junior – Harrison Sanders

Encouragement Award – Reif Saunders

Best Junior – Jordon Owen-Turner

Best First Year Senior – Jason Pike.

Most Improved Senior – Ben Solomon

Referee’s Referee – Martin Weekes

Life Membership – Liam Noonan

Ron Hudson Medal – John Moore


Jeff Wenman and Reif Saunders

Martin Weekes

Martin Weekes and Joe Makdessi

Liam Noonan

Liam Noonan and Tom Waller


Jordan Owen-Turner and Murray Newham

John Moore

Martin Weekes, Reif Saunders and John Moore

Jason Pike

Jason Pike and John Moore

Harrison Sanders

Tom Waller with Harrison Sanders

Ben Soloman

Ben Soloman and Liam Noonan