Western Australian Rugby League Strategic Plan Release

The Western Australian Rugby League took another step towards securing the future of the code in WA with the release of the 2020 Vision and Strategic Plan, a document that takes into account the game at all levels in the state and the management of the potential NRL national side.

The Board has stated in the past that the whole of game approach is essential for the success of the game here and believes this vision and plan spells out that direction.

Chairman Richard Campbell is confident the vision and supporting policies and directions will be a major strength for the positioning of Rugby League in the state now and in the future.

“People who love the game here and want to see a national side based in Western Australia also want to know that the game will grow at all levels and the legacy of expansion at the top will filter all the way through to grassroots for generations to come.

“What we have been working on is a structured approach to the game with a professionalism and responsibility to match. Our Board is very conscious of the delivery needed.

“With the continuous speculation in the media of what may or may not happen, we are on track to deliver our bid when the ARL Commission makes any announcement. Rival bids aside, the model we propose stacks up extremely well and looks after the code the way stakeholders want it.

“We must guarantee the future for all and not just the elite,” Campbell said.

Western Australian Rugby League has been planning for a long time, in fact since the demise of the Reds in the nineties, to get a national side back in the NRL. The local competition is now the strongest it has been in years and the clubs are taking up the challenge both on and off the field.

The structure proposed for the game itself will take full advantage of any national side based in Western Australia and that structure must be under the trusteeship of the Western Australian Rugby League.

CEO John Sackson does not believe either can exist separately.

“The pathway for our local juniors must be seamless. We have produced some quality players over the past 10 years, all of whom have had to move interstate to continue their careers. We want to feed these players into the system through WA and this can be done most effectively with the state’s governing body responsible at both the elite and development level.

“Ultimately, we want to have our development program delivering results for the NRL and for our local competition. They must work together,” he said.

The Western Australian Rugby League is very mindful that the opportunity before it will have long term ramifications for the game in WA and is not taking that opportunity lightly. The specific planning in place has been under way for over 2 years, with constant communication between the relevant parties.

The Western Australian Rugby League is looking forward to the announcement of any expansion in the near future and will be both ready and confident that the model they have in place will respond to the necessary criteria, and the organisation will be successful in management, financials and on the field.

WARL 2020 Vision Strategic Plan