Women In League – Thanks BA

Barbra-Anne is truly an unsung hero of our sport. As Administration Officer for NRL WA, Barbra-Anne is the focal point for most activities connected to with the local domestic competition and community matters. Thankless tasks are always performed with a wonderful smile and calm, friendly demeanor.

However, in addition to her duties as Administration Officer at NRL WA, it is her work with the Rabbitohs that is invaluable. Barbra-Anne manages all of the below activities (and more), she generally loves helping the Rabbitohs in Perth and contributes to a successful event. Nothing is ever an issue!

  • Curtain Raiser teams & presentation
  • Sideline Bikes
  • Mini League Teams
  • Doubles Sellers
  • Raffles Sellers
  • Big League Sellers
  • Helps source people to give our giveaways
  • Half time assistance with any items we need
  • Sourcing a time keeper and scorer
  • Manages all NRLWA Accreditation
  • Helps source Ball Boys

Without Barbra-Anne, it would be impossible for the Rabbitohs to run successful events in Perth – her support and hard work is invaluable.

Barbra-Anne is an absolute gem and a vital part of Rugby League development in Western Australia.