Women’s Great Southern Nine’s – Team Of Tournament

With our first edition of the Great Southern Nine’s Women’s Competition we saw some amazing rugby league. Filled with skill, speed and some serious raw power, I’d like to present the following players as the Great Southern Nine’s team of the tournament. The players were sorted into 4 categories and made a part of the avengers for the selection and they are in no particular order :

  • Heavy Hitters – Forwards who take no mercy, with our without the ball.
  • Speedsters – The flashy backs who smile when the get one on one with defenders
  • Playmakers – These players call the shots, and make the magic happen
  • Leaders – The talkers. The player who will take a bullet for a team mate. The get behind me and lets go type of person

Anyway. Lets get into it.

Heavy Hitter – Western Fijians – #13 – Cherysh Leaf – Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel)
An absolute nightmare match up over the weekend. Smiling the whole time. Powerful. Fast. Complete belief in her ability to get it done. Captain Marvel is basically her alter ego. Is able to go through teams without any second thought, and can back it up on the defensive side of the ball. A warrior in every facet.

Heavy Hitter – Gur Wirimalpa – #4 – Hineriu Thompson – Wanda Maximoff (Scarlett Witch)
Like the Scarlett Witch, her ability is untapped and who knows how good she could be. Tall, fast and incredibly difficult to contain, she is still one of the youths in our competition and yet was deadly in Albany. Racking up linebreaks on her own, her ability to slide through the line with speed and power was a joy to watch.

Heavy Hitter – Joondalup Giants – #21 – Chanelle Edwards – Jessica Jones
Edging out her team mate Cheyenne Campbell, Edwards gets in for her work ethic on defence. Much like Jessica Jones, she is tough, resilient and doesn’t give an inch on either side of the ball. While not as explosive with the ball as she once was, her willingness to work in defence and her strength on the ground earned her a deserved place in this lineup.

Speedster – Joondalup Giants – #5 – Elle Warren – Hope Van Dyne (Wasp)
Blink, and you miss her. Fail to cover from the inside, or take your eyes from the task in a split second. And you will get punished. Much like the Wasp, you don’t always see Elle until its too late. And over the weekend she was scoring tries for fun. Tag and Tackle, it didn’t matter as she showed her full line pace for all to see.

Speedster – Gur Wirimalpa – #14 – Nina Rutene – Neena Thurman (Domino)
Now outside of having really good speed and acceleration, Nina tends to show up when a try is on offer, or needs to be stopped. With an uncanny sense of where the ball is going to be, Nina much like Domino seems to be “lucky”. With good offensive skills along with a willingness to put her body on the line, she owns a spot.

Playmaker – Western Fijians – #9 – Missy Buchanan – Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow)
She sees all the angles. And holds all the cards. Dominating the weekend, her intellect and natural ability mean she doesn’t need any fancy powers. With a passing and kicking game most rugby players would love to have, her ability to see what everyone else misses is amazing. But her ability to act on it is what sets her apart.

Playmaker – Joondalup Giants – #8 – Jeune-Kelly Biddle – Gamora 
Self belief has been a bit of an issue for Jeune and Gamora in the past. But Jeune broke out on the weekend. With amazing speed and passing ability, when she hits the accelerator, she makes things happen for those around her. Improving with every game, she has gone from a shy outside back to a powerful playmaker.

Leader – Western Fijians – #11 – Sera Ravatudei – Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk) – Captain
Talk about your ultra “get behind me” type leaders. You couldn’t watch a Western Fijian ladies game without being impressed by the towering presence of the Fijian captain. An absolute powerhouse with and without the ball, she was looking for excuse to be involved. Constantly pulling her team along, she is an easy choice for captain.

Leader – Kwinana Titans – #1 – Kianna Addison – Pepper Potts (Rescue)
Our last pick is one people may not think of or give enough credit to. But the diminutive and young fullback deserves every accolade given to her. The last line of defence. Someone who never gives up. The one who chases back, and will take any tough carry, Kianna is a budding young leader. Tough as teak, she contains those attributes all players want to play with.

Congratulations to the Great Southern Nine’s Women’s Team of the Tournament. It was tough to decide and many ladies played amazing football. And we look forward to seeing more ladies and games next year!