ZERO TOLERANCE – Information for Parents



NRL WA believes that everyone, players, parents, spectators and officials have the right to enjoy their participation and involvement at all Rugby League games.

To achieve this, we have a Zero Tolerance Policy.

This is how it works:

  • If spectator behaviour at a game is unacceptable, eg abuse of officials, obscene behaviour, unsportsmanlike behaviour, the PA Announcer will request the behaviour cease.
  • If the behaviour continues, the game will be stopped, and will be only be restarted after the behaviour has settled down.
  • There is no time off in the game if this occurs.
  • Continued unacceptable behaviour at your club, could result in the club losing its home games.
  • Unacceptable behaviour by individuals can result in the individual being charged to appear before the NRL WA Disciplinary Tribunal, which has the authority to penalize offenders.
  • PLEASE REMEMBER it’s your children who are penalized when adults don’t show control.
  • Alcohol is not part of children’s sport, and cannot be sold or consumed at Junior Games.